Weight Loss Drugs to the Rescue

Weight loss pills have been termed and advertised as the sure shot way to shed extra pounds fast. Nevertheless, the questions remain – Do they really work? Moreover, can everyone use them effectively?

Doctors and experts agree that there are certain diet pills that do work effectively in burning the excess fat over the body. However, only those individuals, who are facing medical problems due to obesity, should use them. For everybody else, healthy eating and regular exercise should be the first option to lose weight.

Even the finest of the diet pills available in the market come with certain strings attached. Most people face some side effects during the usage of these drugs, including insomnia, nausea, and palpitation and in some extreme cases, liver injury.

However, a thorough OTC phentermine consultation with your doctor is necessary before starting the treatment for maximum results. Your physician will evaluate your needs and concerns before prescribing you with the required dosage of the drug. This will help you in avoiding these side effects to a large extent. People with serious medical conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol should avoid these drugs because they may prove to be more of a nuisance than blessing for them.

Currently, the most popular weight loss pill in the market, which is prescribed and trusted by physicians over the globe is orlistat. Marketed as Xenical and Alli, it decreases the fat consumption in body by disabling lipase, an enzyme responsible for digesting your fat while it is in your intestines. Orlistat reduces the absorption of this fat in your body and hence reduces your weight. It can also help decrease your blood pressure levels and lipid profile and you can avoid diseases like diabetes and cardiac arrest in the future. Xenical and Alli have different amounts of orlistat in them so they can cater to a wide range of patients when used in varying doses.

There are several other diet drugs, like Diethylpropion (marketed as Tenuate) and Phentermine (marketed as Adipex) that can also be used for effective weight loss. However, they are prescribed to be used for only a short time period.