Useful Website Building Wizards

Although the term wizard as of late has almost exclusively become associated with the Harry Potter books and movies, the new breed of website builders might change this perception.

Those who do their homework before buying will know that there are many bonuses on offer by the manufacturers of website design software. Its important also to be savvy to the variety of extras that are often included free with the software being considered. These are the things that should make your decision to buy easy.

They might include wizards like a forms or RSS Feed wizard – the ones that have affiliate marketers in their sights will even have an “affiliate wizard” to help manage their affiliate programs.

Top bonus features to research are:

An audio and a video wizard

An audio wizard should make the embedding of audio into any page content easy, with no need for long strings of code to enable the inclusion of either playback controls or auto playback controls.

A video wizard is a powerful tool to look for for sites relying on how-to tutorials, taped testimonials, hands on demonstrations, and of course product placement.


RSS feed wizards should be able to be activated literally with just a few mouse clicks, and provide updated information, automatically – set and forget.

Forms Wizard

Few marketers would argue the need to build ‘lists’ of prospects and clients. The purpose is to capture the details of visitors to their site. This is usually made possible by using a free newsletter or bonus as an incentive.

New and experienced internet marketers link wizards alike will be impressed when site building software incorporates the ability to link directly to their autoresponder service – instant ‘opt in’ capture of visitor information. Every internet marketer would agree that their is no better way of targeting prospective clients – all with the aid of highly effective, yet simple, interactive forms.

Widgets Wizard

Another one to look out for is a “widgets wizard”.

It is safe to say that this might be the most popular new component some new site builder software packages, as it will usually include a vast array of enhanced scripts that make the life of any webmaster and entrepreneur easier.