The Cristiano Ronaldo Drama Continues

is reminiscent of a serialized television drama, and a rather predictable one at that. Picture the key players: Ronaldo, the young, desirable hero; Manchester United, the woman who currently has him; Real Madrid, the woman chasing him; FIFA, the frustrated school official; and Sir Alex Ferguson, the father of Manchester United. And here is the current installment….

Ronaldo (as Real Madrid stands by smiling): I don’t love you anymore, Manchester United. I want to be with Real Madrid now.

Real Madrid: That’s right; he wants to play for a real team.

Manchester United: He’s mine! You can’t have him! I don’t want you talking to Real Madrid anymore, Ronaldo. I don’t even want to hear the name come out of your mouth!

Real Madrid (as Ronaldo stands by tight-lipped): That doesn’t change anything. Everyone knows where his heart truly lies.

Manchester United: FIFA, did you hear Real Madrid? Do something about it.

FIFA (sounding clearly exhausted): Manchester, Real Madrid hasn’t done anything wrong. However, Madrid, you doufabet เว็บตรงทางเข้า understand that you are toeing a dangerous line.

Alex Ferguson (whispering loudly enough that Manchester United can hear him): If you let Ronaldo go, I am out of here and I won’t have anything more to do with you.

*Screen fades to black on all the key players*

And, yes, that about covers the news on Ronaldo this week. He’s still quietly letting it be known that he wants to move to Spain. FIFA has made it clear that thus far, Real Madrid hasn’t done anything wrong. There has been no breach of contract, and thus legal action can’t be taken against the club. In a move that seems like it was designed for the sole purpose of appeasing Manchester United, however, they have sent Real a warning. Of course, since all that has really happened so far is talk, the warning hasn’t changed anything.

In fact, all it seems to have done is pushed Real Madrid to do things through more official means. They are reportedly prep