A Diet Specific for Age

Where do I begin? First I was a skinny kid staying thin into most of my adult life until I hit 40. I gradually gained weight through the years beginning at age 25 with about 1 pound every year or so. I was okay with what seemed to be a natural progression my body was taking until I quit smoking-rapidly gaining as never before.

I have always eaten well, cooking and preparing foods from good ingredients. I seldom ate fast food, hate frozen foods, not a big sweets eater and I generally don’t over eat. My regime was that I ate 3 meals a day rarely ate past 7 p.m. as a normal course. Don’t need Activia. My body was functioning like a thin person so why was I fat and not thin anymore? I was eating as always or at least I thought so.

It seemed to all cumulate at one time, age, menopause, quitting smoking which resulted in gaining 15 pounds. Then it was surgical menopause a few years later which tacked on buy phentermine amazon another few pounds. Having understood some of the reasons that both contributed to a gradual and rapid weight gain I embarked on remedying the problem.

I am one of those people who can abstain from something or follow a specific guideline because I want to give my all so it will work. My mindset is if I follow exactly as prescribed then the results would happen. What a crock of horse hockey. I followed everything the weight gurus say to do. This was my biggest mistake. You have heard it all but to reiterate drink plenty of water, eat whole balanced foods in small portions cut out fats and starches, exercise 3-4 times a week with at least 2 of those times adding weight-bearing exercises. I did that and nothing-at least nothing that made a difference happened.

First it was walking 3 miles a day with walking poles or power walking for years. The results were unseen health benefits and a slightly slimmer waistline but no weight change other than a few pounds. While walking I quit eating bread and drinking diet soda. I am not a big sweets eater so abstaining from this wasn’t a problem. I have never binged nor had any of those cravings people who are overweight seem to have. After a few years I was only a few pounds thinner-all that walking with 5 or so fewer pounds to show for it.